Spring Biking on the Kern River

posted Mar 25, 2015, 4:40 PM by Kern River Mountain Bike Association   [ updated Mar 26, 2015, 4:47 PM ]
Right now the Kern River Valley is enjoying great riding conditions both along the river at 2500 feet and above 7000 feet in the Greenhorns...and everywhere between! 
The lower trails (Keyesville, Dutch Flat, Kern Canyon Trail, Whiskey Flat, Flume, etc)  still have green and wildflowers and packed dirt conditions.  Here's Kern Canyon Trail near the intersection with Badger Gap Trail:
Kern Canyon Trail - K.R.M.B.A.
And another Kern Canyon Trail shot from last week:
Kern Canyon Trail Spring 2015 - K.R.M.B.A
The higher trails in the Greenhorns are perfect right now. Just Outstanding and Portuguese Pass Trails have great dirt and riding temps.  Both trails are already very well ridden this year, and  keep getting flowier!

Here's a shot of the trail from the north side of Portuguese Pass taken a couple days ago:
North Portuguese Pass Trail -  Spring 2015 - K.R.M.B.A
If you aren't familiar with the northern P.P. Trail; its important to note that the motorcycles have extended the trail and climb steeply up to Bull Run Peak.  Mountain bikers drop down (right) to the dirt road before this).       Another shot of North Portuguese Pass Trail:
Portuguese Pass Trail North -  Spring 2015 - K.R.M.B.A

Some trailwork was just done on Tobias Trail (a few more trees need to be removed and additional brushing.  Overall its in ridable condition -  but its still an "adventure" ride for those up for it. )  A photo on upper Tobias Trail:
Upper Tobias Trail -  Spring 2015 - K.R.M.B.A
And another on lower Tobias Trail:
Lower Tobias Trail -  Spring 2015 - K.R.M.B.A

Upper Cannell Trail, the Kern Plateau Trails, and Giant Sequoia Trails should be melting out soon!

The gate on Breckenridge is still closed, but Mill Creek Trail and Remington Ridge should be good to go soon.

and Dont miss the Keyesville Classic this weekend!