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New Tobias-Portuguese Connector Trail Proposal & Comments on the USFS Tobias Timber Project

posted Sep 25, 2014, 7:49 PM by Kern River Mountain Bike Association   [ updated Nov 3, 2014, 1:56 PM ]
1. We agree with the decommissioning and converting of 24S83 & 24S80 into a 2wheeled
trail. This is a superb idea.

2. Will the existing singletrack trails be protected from transforming into logging roads? We are
concerned about maintaining the narrow character of the singletrack trails in the project area.

3. With the enactment of this project and new logging operations, it seems like an opportune
time to propose a new multiuse connector singletrack trail in the affected area. There is a need
for a trail to link Portuguese Pass with Frog Meadow & Tobias Trail. Mountain bikers have been
riding the Portuguese Pass Trail (31E59) from Greenhorn Summit to the recently cleared Tobias
Trail (32e34) This is already one of the best mountain bike rides in the southern sierras, and has
the potential to be a worldclass mountain bike trail with continuous singletrack. 

A historical trail (with old tree blazes) continues north from Portuguese Pass and eventually merges with Road 23S18 near the road 24S50. This could become an officially designated route. A new trail could then cross road 24S50 and contour along the east side of Tobias Peak to meet with the upper Tobias Trail. See included map.

Most importantly, this trail would reinstate the original linked trail network of the Greenhorns;
which was largely converted to logging roads in the past. Along with the Portuguese and Tobias
trails, it would provide a connection to the Pup Meadow Trail (31E53), Deer Creek (31E56), Lion
Ridge (31E52), and create almost continuous singletrack from Alta Sierra to Johnsondale and
California Hot Springs for hikers and mountain bikers.

It would also create an obvious loop for motorcycle riders connecting Portuguese (31E59), upper
Tobias (32e34), 24S83, and Bull Run Basin (32E39) Trails.

If approved, this trail connector could be built to sustainable IMBA (International Mountain Bike
Association) standards by experienced volunteers.

Please consider creating these incredible recreational opportunities!


Kern River Mountain Bike Association,
Sep 25, 2014, 7:49 PM